What do I If FuboTV is not working?

Is your FuboTV not working? Or your FuboTV says Something Went Wrong (please try again)! Well, you are not alone as most FuboTV users keep facing these technical glitches once in a few months. Fortunately, we have got a simple-quick fix to resolve the error. Scroll down, learn the 6 different ways, and get your FuboTV working.

FuboTV has always been the right choice for sports lovers. Watching football tournaments, basketball games, movies and shows is a delightful treat for eyes on FuboTV. What attracts the users is Fubo’s vast catalog that never ends and keeps refreshing with newer content every week. If you want the best stuff without burning your pocket, then FuboTV is the best choice.

However, like any other go-to streaming service, FuboTV errors are pretty common and keeps haunting users in some or other way. Users keep posting in our forums that even after putting in the correct FuboTV connect code, my FuboTV not working on Roku, Fubo app not working on Samsung TV or FuboTV keeps buffering, Something went wrong error message, FuboTV is Not Working error, etc. That’s what intrigued us to write a complete guide to fix all FuboTV challenges. If you have also faced similar FuboTV problems, you have landed on the right page. Follow the steps given here in this guide and get rid of Not Working errors on FuboTV.

Why is my FuboTV Not Working?

Here are the most possible causes that trigger FuboTV issues. It can be a FuboTV server related problem or error in internet services. Let’s have a look at all of them.

  • FuboTV is facing backend server related problems. 
  • FuboTV is connected to a slow and unstable internet network. 
  • You might have entered the wrong FuboTV connect code. Re-entering the code again should resolve the problem. 
  • FuboTV might have blocked the IP address that you are using on a VPN. 
  • The streaming device you are using is facing hardware problems.
  • Lastly, the bugs and technical glitches in FuboTV aren’t letting you access the streaming services.

Ways to deal with FuboTV not working error

Here are the most effective steps that we take to fix the FuboTV issues. Use them to fix your FuboTV as well.

Solution 1. Reload and hard refresh the FuboTV web page 

Watching FuboTV on PC? Follow these steps.
  • If you are watching FuboTV on a web browser on your PC, then try reloading the FuboTV webpage.
  • Simply, click the Reload button on the top-left corner, adjacent to the FuboTV URL. 
  • Alternatively, if you are a Windows user then click CTRL + R keys and if you have a MacOS then click Command + R keys.

The above steps couldn’t resolve the FuboTV problem? Hard refresh your FuboTV web page to fix it.

  • Windows users should press CTRL and F5 keys together on the FuboTV webpage to execute a hard refresh. 
  • Mac users should press Command + Option + R keys together to perform a hard refresh.
Watching FuboTV on your smartphone? Here is what you need to do
  • If your FuboTV is not working on your smartphone then you can simply restart the FuboTV app. 
  • For that, you will need to exit the FuboTV app. 
  • Now remove the app from the recent apps section. 
  • Now relaunch the FuboTV app. 
Solution 2. Check the official FuboTV Status page 

FuboTV keeps informing the users about the real-time technical errors FuboTV is facing at the moment. You can navigate to Fubo.TV/connect/status webpage and check if it displays an error. Once the problem rectifies, the FuboTV screen will display a pop-up – Game on! FuboTV is running smoothly. However, if the FuboTV error continues, then you can take the below-given solutions to eliminate the problem.

Solution 3. Check your internet speed 
  1. Ensure that your internet is working well. You can verify it by connecting other devices to the internet and check the speed.
  2. There are lots of internet speed checker tools available on the internet. 
  3. You may restart your router to get back your Internet to the working state.
  4. Lastly, you may power cycle your internet or Wi-Fi router and for that, you can simply turn off the internet router, disconnect it, and reconnect it after 3 minutes. Now turn it on and enjoy FobuTV.
Solution 4. Restart or power cycle the streaming device or your PC
  1. Turn off your streaming device. 
  2. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes. 
  3. Now turn on your streaming device. 
  4. If still the FuboTV not working, then power cycle your device and for that, turn off the device you are using to stream FuboTV. 
  5. Also, turn off your TV. 
  6. Now disconnect all the cables including the power cord and HDMI cable. 
  7. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes. 
  8. Reconnect the cables back to your device, turn on your streaming device and TV.
Solution 5. Use a different device to watch FuboTV

Sometimes the compatibility issues also trigger FuboTV not working problem. That would have occurred due to a recent update to your device’s kernel. Hence, you should try watching FuboTV on a different device. For example, if you are facing a problem watching FuboTV on your set-top box then use a phone or PC instead. Well, in that case, you might be needed to re-login to your Fubo.TV/account to access your subscribed channels. Additionally, you may try to update your device to fix the problem.

Solution 6. Try reinstalling the FuboTV app

Reinstalling the FuboTV app resolves most Fubo streaming platform errors. You can begin by uninstalling the app and for that, you should clear all the app files including the built-up cache. Fresh reinstallation also allows you to rectify the settings in Fubo.TV/connect webpage, hence eliminating the Not Working error message in FuboTV.  The below steps may vary as per a particular streaming device. 

  • Long press the FuboTV app icon and click Uninstall/Delete/Remove app.
  • Now visit the App Store or Play Store on your device and reinstall the FuboTV app.
Contact the FuboTV support for further assistance

We hope these six fixes helped you fix the FuboTV not working error. If you come across someone who is also facing a technical glitch in FuboTV, you may suggest them these tips or simply share this web page with them. That might help someone to avoid missing a game or a binging series on FuboTV.