Can you Watch FuboTV on your Computer?

Yes, you can watch FuboTV on your computer. It is an app that can stream a variety of live sport, news, and entrainment channels on your TV, computers, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. By paying a very reasonable monthly fee, you can stream sports and entertainment events whenever you want. As comes with exciting packages that have different Cloud DVR storage. This storage can store your live events, which you can watch later with your family and friends.

Your can provide you a feature called ‘sports navigation,’ which will help you to browse between 100+ sports channels. offers you four packages of monthly subscription with over 130 add-on channels.

How to stream from your computer?

You can use FuboTV Sign up from any of the latest browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft EDGE. To stream any content on just have to follow some steps,

  • Go to the official website with any web browser
  • Click on Fubotv sign up and enter your personal details (Name, Phone number, and email Id).
  • Verify the details.
  • Select your plan (Fubo Standard or Family or Elite).
  • Add if you need any add-on on the respective plan.
  • Pay the outstanding amount, or you can use FuboTV Connect Code.

And you can enjoy live tv on your computer.

With services, you can stream live sports, news, and entertainment on your computer as well. You don’t have to spend either time or money on the installations of hardware or cables. You just only need a good internet connection, and that’s all.

Type of Internet Connection Needed to Fubotv sign up on computer

Usually, to get an uninterrupted video viewing experience, you should have an internet speed above 10Mbps. Then only you can stream our channels at 1080p, i.e., in High-Definition quality. All the channels provided in can be stream in 720p, 1080p, and some channels in 4K.In that case, your internet speed should be more than 25Mbps to play videos without a hitch. For playing 4K content from screen of your computer should support 4K/HDR videos.

Plans and add-ons which you can opt for while doing Fubotv sign up

FuboTV offers you 4 monthly packages and more than 130 add-on channels. Some of our packages are,

  •  Elite Package includes 1000 hrs of cloud DVR storage, 170 channels, and 3 simultaneous screens streaming at a price of 79.99/mo.
  •  Family Package includes 30hrs of cloud DVR storage, 99 channels, and 2 simultaneous screens streaming at a $59.99/mo price.
  • Family Package with showtime includes 30 hrs of Cloud DVR storage, 108 channels, and 2 simultaneous screens streaming for $69.99/mo.
  •  Standard includes 30hrs of cloud DVR storage, 99 channels, only one screen streaming at a $54.99/mo price.

Other than all these packages, recently, have started a ‘quarterly package’ which includes 30 channels for $30 per month. With all the packages, you will get a 7-days free trial to find whether you’re investing in the right plan or not if you don’t like Fubotv connect code service, you can terminate it, and you will not be charged for your previous streaming.

You can buy up to 1000 hours of extra Cloud DVR storage by paying a little bit more to your monthly payments.

Types of 4K contents that you can watch through your computer browser
A new feature called ‘4K On Demand’ comes to FuboTV Connect Code, which will help you browse exclusive 4k videos and channels. To choose this feature, just visit the HOME page of and tap on the ‘4K on Demand’ option. And enjoy local channels of sports and entertainment with the highest quality of video resolution. In addition to that, documentaries about The Andes, China and America are also very popular in the app. You can also stream popular channels in 4K, namely CBS, Fox, and ABC, which available for only larger market locations.